Giselle's Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Giselle's Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In 2015, I contracted a virus which I believe was glandular fever. Fast forward three years and I started to develop flu like symptoms, debilitating fatigue, muscle ache, joint pain, weakness, heart palpitations, digestive symptoms, headaches, brain fog and noise sensitivities. I could barely walk for more than five minutes without having to get back into bed. After visiting multiple Western doctors, in January 2019 I was finally diagnosed with "moderate" Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. I was told by Western doctors that I would never recover, never work again or have children.

As the western medical world couldn't help me, I took matters into my own hands and began a journey of learning everything I could about the illness as well as seeing a variety of 'alternative' practitioners. ⁣⁣I changed my diet, took a million supplements and homeopathic remedies. I started to meditate, journal, do gentle stretching exercises when I could. I would force myself to take very short walks each day to maintain some form of movement. ⁣⁣After 4 weeks I started to see improvements.

⁣⁣Throughout the year I went through cycles of feeling good and then crashing, but what kept me going was that the crashes were becoming less frequent and more easy to manage. ⁣⁣

It wasn't until I found a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in Sheffield that I was able to get my life back. 

The Chinese doctor did acupuncture on me, as well as using ear seeds and also gave me Chinese herbal remedies. I saw her every week to begin with, and then it reduced down to once a month. 

By Jan 2020, all of my symptoms had gone. And by March 2020, I began to run again and considered myself fully recovered from CFS. In April 2020, I fell pregnant.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine is what I believe skyrocketed my recovery and inspired me to start Acu Seeds, sharing the benefits of ear seeds with the world.

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frequently asked questions

What are acupuncture ear seeds, and how do they work?

Rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine, ear seeds are an ancient tool that may support a broad spectrum of health concerns by way of aiding restful sleep, assisting emotional well-being, helping you to relax, and supporting your immunity, focus, energy levels, and digestion. 

Ear seeds are a form of auriculotherapy, which is the stimulation of specific points of the ear to support physical and emotional health concerns. They are a needle-free form of acupuncture that have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. TCM teaches that the ear is a microsystem of the whole body, where certain points on the ear correspond to different organs or body parts. Energy pathways (or ‘qi’ or vital life energy) pass through the ear and ear seeds stimulate specific points which send an abundant flow of energy to the related organ or area that needs attention. Think of it like reflexology, but for the ears instead of feet.

Ear seeds also create continual, gentle pressure on nerve impulses in the ear which send messages to the brain that certain organs or systems need support. The brain will then send signals and chemicals to the rest of the body to support whatever ailments you’re experiencing, releasing endorphins into the bloodstream, relaxing the nervous system, and naturally soothing pain and discomfort. 

Are acupuncture ear seeds safe to use at home?

Ear seeds are a non invasive treatment which is safe and effective. Since they don’t require the use of needles, there is low risk of infection or bleeding. It is also a great way to introduce the benefits of acupuncture to those with needle phobia.

How should the ear seeds be applied?

- Clean ear thoroughly with facial cleanser or an alcohol swab - this removes natural oils, ensuring proper adhesion. Ensure the ear is dry before application.

- Focus on one protocol and identify acupoints by referencing the ear maps in your ear seed kit. You will be applying the seeds to one ear only.

- Using tweezers, carefully lift the edge of clear seed adhesive, hover over the desired area of application, and firmly press down with a finger to adhere.

- Seeds may be stimulated a few times a day by gently massaging in a circular motion. Seeds may be worn for a maximum of 5 days and cannot be reused. Remove with tweezers or fingernails. You can apply a new set on the other ear immediately or if applying to the same ear, please wait for 2 days.

How long will they last?

Ear seeds are single-use only and can be worn up to 5 days depending on the area of the ear where they’ve been placed. Before application, we suggest cleaning the area thoroughly with an alcohol swab or facial cleanser and allowing to dry completely for maximum adhesion. When applying, avoid touching the sticky side of the ear seed as it will not adhere properly. After 5 days of wear, remove seeds with your fingers or tweezers and allow the skin to heal for 2 days before applying a new set of seeds on the same ear. Alternatively, you can reapply immediately on the other ear.

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